The World's Best Speakers

  • Antony Ribot


    Antony studied ants, bees and termites at university and is passionate about taking inspiration from the elegant simplicity of natural systems to digital experiences on small mobile screens. He is a designer/developer/entrepreneur and formed ribot as CEO and co-founder together with his brother Jerome back in 2006.

  • Ben Milne


    Ben Milne, CEO and Co-Founder of Dwolla, started his first company, Elemental Designs, at the age of 18. Ben began leveraging the internet to drop ship custom made speakers. His adventures lead him all over the world, establishing operations in Southern Asia and California. An original $1,200 investment would turn into a multi-million dollar company by the age of 22. After heavy research in 2008, Ben and partner, Shane Neuerburg, approached a Midwestern bank with an idea to establish a new payment network that would upend the financial services industries. They called it Dwolla. Ben would sell Elemental Designs to focus on the new project. In 2009, the privately funded Dwolla launched in Iowa and California, boasting the nation’s cheapest payment platform of only 25 cents per transaction. In 2010, Dwolla introduced the first technology to empower seamless payments leveraging users’ social networks, officially pioneering social payments. In 2011, Dwolla launched the world’s first geo-location based mobile payments. Ben also has extensive community experience in speaking, mentoring, and leadership programs.

  • Brian LeRoux

    Nitobi Software

    Brian LeRoux is the lead at Nitobi Software with the prestigious title SPACELORD!1!! He also has the dubious distinction of being the creator of despite a twisted love for the language of the web. To make matters worse he actually has a non-breaking space tattoo. Aside all these ridiculous distractions he is also responsible for leading the direction on the wildly popular PhoneGap software project that has the audacious goal to provide a web platform complete with device APIs for all smartphone operating systems.

  • Dan Appelquist


    Daniel Appelquist is a mobile and Web industry veteran and technologist working for Vodafone Group R&D on mobile Web, Internet and social media projects. He founded Mobile Monday London and the Mobile 2.0 and Over the Air conference series and has been a regular on the mobile and Internet event circuit. He is active in the World Wide Web Consortium (WC3) where he sits on the Technical Architecture Group and helped to create the Mobile Web Initiative, co-chairing the Mobile Web Best Practices working group. Prior to working at Vodafone, Dan had a background in Web and Internet start-ups.
    Thanks to @documentally for bio shot.

  • Dave Verwer

    Shiny Development

    Dave is an iOS and Mac developer, trainer and consultant who owns and runs Shiny Development, an iOS focused training company.

    Dave is also the creator of several successful iOS apps including Balloons, a social game where you can send messages around the world attached to balloons and Explore Flickr which brings the best of flickr to your iPhone and iPad on a daily basis.

  • Dominic Szablewski


    Dominic lives in Germany near Frankfurt and he recently finished a bachelor for Digital Media at the Hochschule Darmstadt. The topic of his bachelor thesis was HTML5 Gaming – his JavaScript Game Engine Impact was initially created as a proof of concept for this thesis, but evolved into much more.

    Dominic is now trying to make a living by creating games and selling Impact. So far it’s working.

  • James Pearce


    James is a technologist, writer, developer & practitioner who has been
    working with the mobile web for over a decade. He is Senior Director
    of Developer Relations at Sencha. Previously he was the CTO at dotMobi
    and has a background in mobile startups, telecoms infrastructure and
    management consultancy. He speaks extensively on the topic of mobile
    web development, and has written books for both Wiley and Wrox.

    James led the development of mobiForge, DeviceAtlas and, and is the creator of tinySrc, the WordPress Mobile Pack, WhitherApps,
    modernizr-server and confess.js.

  • James Morse

    Matchbox Mobile

    James has been designing for a wide range of disciplines for over 17 years.

    Early in his career he began to focus on user interface and user experience design in the emerging PDA and smartphone markets. Initially James worked on small-screen experiences for Palm, Symbian and Windows CE, then iOS, Android and more recently Zune HD and Windows Phone 7, both pre-launch and post-launch.

    As Creative Director at Matchbox Mobile he continues to be driven to develop, adopt and improve best practices for handheld device user experiences, and his growing portfolio of work testifies to his unique experience and industry-leading skills in creating designs that bring out the best in every platform.

  • Kevin Systrom


    Kevin Systrom is a co-founder of Instagram, a photo sharing application for the iPhone. He also founded Burbn, an HTML5-based location sharing service

  • Kevin McDonagh


    Kevin is director at Novoda a software consultancy specialising in the Android platform, organiser of the London Android user group and organiser of the UK’s Android conference Droidcon.

    Kevin has developed for print, web, desktops and now Android apps. After working in web consultancy he worked in data aggregation at JPMorgan Chase and now directs a consultancy specialising in getting the best of Android platform.

  • Naveed Anwar


    Naveed Anwar leads the Community organization for the integrated open commerce platform group, X.commerce. In this role, he is focused on growing the combined developer community for eBay Inc. and leading his team to inform developers and merchants about X.commerce product solutions.

    Before joining eBay Inc in 2009, he was at AOL, where he spent twelve years driving many businesses including AOL’s developer network. Some highlights of his tenure at AOL’s developer network included building a network of more than 3 million AOL developers; managing a developer network that supports a dozen AOL businesses with total annual revenues of $4 billion; and assisting developers to build 20,000+ developer applications. Prior to X.commerce, he ran the PayPal X developer community, which he grew from zero to more than 60,000 developers in just the first year.

    Anwar is passionately active in local and international non-profits focused on education including his own family foundation called the Anwar Foundation which helps underprivileged communities around the world.

  • Petra Söderling

    Mobile Brain Bank

    Hey, I’m Petra and I have something really important to share with you. Mobile technology is changing the world and you are changing mobile technology. Break loose from multinational corporate chains and let Mobile Brain Bank work with you to get your developer garage band on a global stage.

    Our story at

    Petra Söderling
    Founder and CEO
    Mobile Brain Bank

  • Rik Dodsworth

    Matchbox Mobile

    Rik is a multi-skilled architect and engineering lead with a passion for beautiful code. He has been building up and training development teams for over 12 years, creating highest-grade software for distributed banking, medical systems, game consoles and mobile devices.

    As Technical Architect and Engineering Team Lead at Matchbox Mobile, Rik is well-versed in numerous platforms and technologies, including Android, iOS, Zune HD, Brew MP, Azure, 3D XNA, Windows Phone 7 and Symbian.

    Rik was recently part of a select team of subject-matter experts participating in defining a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 developer exam, and continues to lead in defining best practices for development across all platforms, and in assessing the impact of technology trends in the mobile space.

  • Saulius Zukauskas


    Saulius is experienced techie with track of building web and mobile technologies. Monetization plays great part in all of them.

    During his 10 years’ experience in tech field Saulius was involved in contracting, running Start-up Company and working for world’s leading payment software companies. Now he is Developer Community Manager in PayPal and helps developers across the Europe to monetize their ideas and applications.

  • Tom Hume

    Future Platforms

    Tom is the founder of Future Platforms, a Brighton-based software company which has been launching mobile apps for more than a decade; in the last year for Glastonbury Festival, labs, CNBC Europe and the BBC.

    He writes online at


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